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Price: 125.000 €
Built Year:
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Yacht Detail
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Seamar Ambulance 39 Ft.2x315 Hp Yanmar Diesel Engine(projekt)
Price 295.000 €
Build Year 2011
Category Type
L.O.A. 12.00 m Beam 4.50 m
Material GRP-Fiberglass Flag On Order
Cabin Lying Factory İzmir/Turkey
Engine 2 x 315 Hp Yanmar Diesel Inboard Generator 15 Kw
Details Seamar Ambulance 12.00 m
The Catamaran Ambulance is designed for overseas hospital transfers, ship, boat and fishing accidents, diving accidents and medical emergencies. With its catamaran hull, we provide a large area on the deck and a large cabin for 2 beds and 2 seats inside. The boat is designed according to the international classification societies’ work boat standards and meets the IMO’s safety requirements.
With its 24 knots speed the ambulance boat provides a fast transfer on the sea.
The boat has 4 opening doors at the bow, aft and two sides that easily help transferring the stretchers to the boat from the pier.
The boat will be equipped with medical equipment according to the international standards.
We provide a 2 years warranty for the spare parts and 5 years warranty for the hull and superstructure.
Production capability: 4 boats / year
Delivery place is Port of Izmir, TURKEY.
• 2x35 W blue light-bar including a speaker in front of the vehicle roof; 35 W strobe rear lamp, rear lighting projectors
• 4 units of blue and 2 units of white colored big warning lamps.
• Stripes, inscriptions and emblems according to customer request.
• air conditioner and heating system.(Optional)
• Front and rear lighting projectors.(Optional)
• Complete cupboard system made of sea plywood on the sides, sitting group on the right side, cupboards with drawers and shelves in front of the partition wall.
• Special divisions, in the cupboard system,for suitable for ambulance materials.
• Capability of carrying the second patient on the sitting group.
• Doctor's folding chair in the front part.(Optional)
• A stationary oxygen and vacuum system with 2 oxygen cylinders of 10 liters each..(Optional)
• Special insulation against sound and heat, covering made of alucomat material, tight special floor covering.
• Digital control panel,sink,6 units of fluorescent and 6 units of spot lights.
• Ceiling grab rail,sliding window on the partition wall, 2 units of serum hangers
• Resting area for personel +shower,toilet,beds.
• Lights and remote controled projektors instalation for night use.
• Main deck enough area suitable for patient’s bed and equipment and sitting area.
• Upgraded fuel tanks for trawel long distances without need of refueling(2 x 650 lt separeted diesel tanks)
• Easy porting for every port front and back,Hull,draft calculations made for getting close to beach for getting injured people as fast as possible
• Full package system for drinking,bathing,black water,(water tanks 1 x 800 lt separeted-black water tanks 1 x 500 lt )
• Heather system for hot water..(Optional)
• Strong genarator 15 Kw.
• Possible connection on upper deck for helicopter transportation of injured patients(optional)
• Engine room isolation against vibration,noise,movements and shakes.
• Ability and flexibility for raising extra patient beds.(optional)
• Moveable in low depth water draft 1.00 m.
• High stability(All our boats are made to the highest standarts unsinkable 5 years waranty for hull)
• Ergonomic and versatile modular system - maximum safety and comfort for crew and patient; full configuration flexibility
• Low weight design – more pay load or safety margin
• Superior handling – simple patient loading and unloading; reconfiguration or removal of equipment in minutes
• Primary and secondary EMS
• Search and Rescue
Transport Capability / Crew
• 2 patients (on beds), 4 patients (on seats)
• 2 to 4 medical crew depending on configuration
• 1 crew for navigation

Engine 2 x 315 HP Yanmar/Diesel
Flexible coupling
Shaft 2
Shaft tube Complete system 2
Shaft Brackets 2
Hydrolic Steer Pump 1
Steering Equipments
Propeller(s) 2
Rudder stock 2
Rudder tube 2
Remote control-cables
Water strainer (engine) 2
Fuel Filter 1
Exhaust System (Engine)
Wet system 2
Engine room vent. 2
Fresh water pump 1
Sea water pump 1
Pipe fittings
Engine room isolation
Generators (15KVA) OPTIONAL
Electrical equipments.(Optional)
GPS Receiver Humminbird .(Optional)
Antennas and Equipments (VHF)
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